Women on Board Initiative


The Initiative

To foster a compelling case for gender mainstreaming on corporate boards and other leadership positions


To make diversity performance as an important component of business performance



Create and share relevant research, resources and case studies to build on, and communicate, the case for change

Enhance understanding for the development and advancement of diverse leadership matters

Disseminate best practices for ‘Diversity Reporting Framework’ and compliance with reporting benchmarks

Publish and share gender representation data and insights for inclusive workplaces

Develop and co-brand ‘WOB Gender Equality Index’ to track the performance of publicly listed companies committed to promoting ‘Gender Diversity Practices’ in Pakistan

Assist in the development of professional leadership modules, and their launch in partnership with other diversity promoting campaigns


Develop and implement ‘Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Practices’ for corporate clients

Conduct Annual Diversity Audits and script Diversity Reports for measuring and communicating progress of businesses on D&I metrics

About WOB

WOB is functioning as a voluntary and self-funded initiative. WOB Pakistan was founded in 2016 and registered as a private trust in 2017. It was initially governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees, who concluded their term in 2019, after having accomplished the introduction of landmark legislative and regulatory policy changes for the inclusion of women professionals on corporate boards. Since then, the initiative’s activities are being overseen by a team of Core Founders on voluntary guidance basis.

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